Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Bangkok. @ 7:29 PM

- I would love to go BKK again!

So yeap! I went to Bangkok for 5days and had lots of fun! 
There are too many pictures so i actually made them into a video. 
Do click it and watch alright!? (: 
More pictures can be found in my Facebook!

Monday, February 20, 2012
3 More Days. @ 12:08 PM

Baby, you light up my world like nobody else ~

Back to Monday ~ 
Accounting paper at 2pm; I'll leave it to fate.
Apparently, from the minute I got up till now, things hadn't been smooth.
So yea, I'll be expecting the worst.

Been kinda hardworking uh.
Staying over at J's crib every night and going home in the morning when he goes to work.
Once again, a boyfriend that loves to game. 
What's with Dota seriously?! Is it that interesting?! 
Tend to get a little jealous over the fact that J is spending more time on Dota than on me. 
I know it's stupid to feel that way but.. CANT HELP IT!

Got myself damn into We Got Married.
Lee-Teuk & Kang Sora. 
They are indeed the sweetest couple! 
But I can't deny that J has his sweet side as well.
An almost perfect boyfriend; What's more can I ask for? 

Baby Sora.

This little devil that both J and I never fails to carry her everyday when we got home.
p/s: Her cheek is chubbier than mine!


3 more days (including today) and I'll officially complete year 1!
  I'll probably be retaking Business Statistic if I don't pass my UT3.
*praying hard*
12.05pm - Time to wash up and head to school.
People, you won't be able to reach me today cause i left my phone at J's place.

kthxbye ~

Thursday, February 16, 2012
Screw Exams! @ 11:59 PM

Why do we need to sit for exams!?

All the UTs are seriously stressing me out. 
I don't like this feeling. 
Who else can I blame other than myself for not studying hard?
BLAH. I should stop all these bullshits.
No point crying over spilt milk.

Marketing paper tomorrow and honestly, 
I'm not ready for it. 
I've all the notes but I have yet to read through them.

I'm not ready for any of the papers. 
I guess I'll just ... do my best? 


Stayed over at J's place for the past few days. 
Swear he is an angel.
Took my shower and he said he want to blow dry my hair for me. 
He folded some heart thingy (as a ring) he saw on facebook and 
asked me to play the song "Marry Me" song by Bruno Mars.
He said that is a form of proposing to me!
So proud of that clumsy boy of mine. 
A night without him seems kinda weird now. 


Okay, I needa get my ass to my marketing notes already. 
Bye Folks! 

p/s: Burden Brother is finally booking out! (:
p/s/s: Feels blessed.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! @ 5:47 PM

I got my Valentine. What about you?

To those that are attached, Happy Valentine's Day! 
To the singles, It's A Tuesday!

A day whereby town will be filled with girls carrying bouquet of flowers.
I won't be one of them (I guess.) cause I've got mine on Saturday.

  Tadahhhhh ~ 

I'm loving every single one of it and of course, 
the boy who got me this. 
Actually, it's not about the amount of gifts he got for me, 
but the tiny weeny effort he put in!
Together with one of his guy friend, he went to shop for all the above without me knowing.

We were supposed to head down to St James Powerhouse that night to celebrate a birthday.
We could have met at the MRT station but he insisted to meet me at my place. 
So yeap, he surprised me the lovely gifts right at my door steps. 
To be honest, I really did not expect he would get me anything. 
Whatever it is, Thank You J.

I don't know if he did let his previous girlfriend listen to the song below, 
but i was really touched when he played the music while we were listening to music through his phone.
songs really explain a lot.


I don't care what others are going to comment about my relationship,
I know what I am doing.
I'm really glad the previous one ended and I found someone so much better.
Okay, at least one that loves me more.


Hey Clumsy, I don't know if you will read my blog.
Thank you for being a part of me.
Can't help but to smile whenever I think about the things we've done.
Magic hand, dancing out of nowhere and our heart to heart talks.
I really appreciate all the things you've done for me.
iloveyou J.

Saturday, February 11, 2012
Hello February 2012! @ 6:21 PM


2011 was not very good to me i guess. 
But things gradually turned for the better from February onwards! 
Indeed, i'm loving the life i am having right now.
Again, Thank You to those who accompanied me through all the ups and downs.
Peggy will learn to be strong! (:

Whatever i am going to say next is not targeted to anyone. Peace Out.

School; as usual.
Too many politic issues and of course, people wearing masks all around. 
It's really disgusting.
Why can't they just be a little straightforward and truthful?
If you don't like this person, then DON'T get close to them!
Stop being ' oh so nice ' when you're with them 
and get so busy with stabbing them from the back when they are not around. 
One word for you people: FAKE.

So, this is what you should do if you're in RP...

You'll never know who is real and who is fake. 
They appeared as angels to me and yet i found out otherwise. 

tonight's plan : St James Powerhouse for ZhiYang's Birthday! 
that's all for today folks! 
p/s: like my new blog layout!?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Exhausted. @ 6:50 PM

- all dead.

a picture of my year1 sem2 class during 6P
apparently, most of them are either dozing off or distracted. 
only 2 or 3 people listening to what the facilitator is talking about.

what can you expect on a monday right?
blues blues blues. 
adding on to it, a boring facilitator. 
cannot maintain. 
she is always side tracking and talking about other stuffs. 

rushed down to bras bersah after school to meet Turtle bro and Wayne. 
went to the office and helped out with the Gushcloud thingy.
oh oh, Johan was there too.  
basically, all i need to do is to ask people to join the website. 
worked all the way to like 1.30am 
had supper and cabbed back together with Johan. 

skipped school the next day. 
too tired. 

woke up and decided to pack the whole of my room. 
have always been throwing my things here and there. 
after packing, there are like bags and bags of garbage. 
at least my room looks neater now. 
but sister said that it won't be long for my room to get messy again. 
we shall see ~ 

showered and got prepared. 
went down to powerhouse for trilogy night and the launch of JellyBird! 
for the whole night, i've been stuffing myself with jellies. 
luckily i'm a fan of jellies, else i'll get sick of eating it! 

12% of alcohol content in a jelly?! 
yeap! this is what you can find in a JellyBird that cost only $4! 
oh wait, with 6 different flavors! 
wooo ~ it got me high. 



Sunday, October 16, 2011
Stay Home Saturday @ 12:49 AM

- stay home saturday. 

skipped work today cause i wasn't really feeling well. 
curled myself up in bed all the way till 7pm. 
literally slept for the whole day. 
have got no idea what is wrong with me nowadays. 
guess i'm too exhausted over everything that my body needs a break.

did not head down to soul or powerhouse today. 
totally no mood for any of these nowadays. 
have been thinking of random stuffs. 
gah, too paranoid. 

24 hours is definitely is not enough anymore. 
with school, work, friends and life. 
how am i supposed to squeeze everything in that!?
school alone can just kill me. 
the stress level that only increases. 
i am actually thinking of joining contemporary dance with Kellsie. 
heard about the dancing schedule and coach. 
kinda afraid that i'm not up for it.

alright readers! i need your help
i've actually took part in the contest orgarnised by JELLYBIRD.
all i need you to do now: 

1: log on to your facebook and click on the following link;

2: like the picture.

3: copy the link again and paste it on your wall asking people to help me like too! 


p/s: if you can't like the picture, just like the following page first! (: 

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