Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Blind People Can See in Their Dreams. @ 6:44 PM

nothing is perfect.
what's perfect in this world?
it's when you see the mentally handicapped leading the blind. 

why do i choose to write on this today?

i was taking train back home yesterday and i saw this blind man. 
he was just standing a few metres away from the train door. 
since it was after work, obviously there were many people rushing back home. 
it seems like no one seems to bother to lead him to the door. 
not a single human bother to lend a hand. 
working adults squeezing themselves in front or at the side of the door. 

the train came, still, no one bothered. 
leaving him over there, figuring how to get to the door.
i walked forward, wanted to bring him in. 
& guess what,
an aunty actually came forward to help him instead.
she is quite petite in size, probably around 50 plus years old?

after bringing him in, he stood near the pole
& the aunty was given a seat. 
instead of her, gladly taking up the seat, she gave up that seat to him.
does any of the working adults feel shameless at that point of time?
i guess not. 
selfish human beings! 

i guess no one will be able to feel how a blind person may feel. 
insecurities, helpless, emptiness.
all they can depend on was the stick. 

traveling alone, needed help in everything. 
who would like to be a burden to someone else?

i really do admire them.
their courage of living & not caring how people think of them,
their faith in taking each step in life. 

if it was me, i'm sure i would not be able to do it.

they, do have dreams as well. 
if only they can see, they would probably fight for what they want.
people, stop discriminating them! 
i'm sure they can do better than you if they can see!

dinner together with Jaslyn & ShenQi at Bugis again! 
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