Friday, September 16, 2011
When You Decided To Party And... @ 6:12 PM


 i can't deny that i'm a party animal. 
i drink, i drank & i get drunk. 
i attend parties organised by SMOOVE.
p/s: their parties never fails to let me enjoy my night;
it will never be perfect without the awesome Djs and emcee on the deck!

so readers, if you love to party,
you should really come to my blog more often as i will be putting up notices whenever there are SMOOVE events!

chose to blog about this as i found out something:
minority of the people that went to club actually just stand in the dance floor.
not dancing or even shaking?!
they just literally stand there and behave like a statue. 

if you are there and are not going to enjoy yourself, 
please look at the picture i just posted. 

*rolling my eyes*

can you imagine how squeezy the dance floor is especially during weekends?
people actually have problems dancing. 
let alone walking around.
& yet, people just love to stand over there and not move. 
if you don't intend to dance or shake or even enjoy  yourself, 
just get your ass out of the dance floor and stand else where. 
stop wasting those precious spaces!

have an awesome weekend people! 

you think you know me.

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