Sunday, October 9, 2011
Worth. @ 9:44 PM

- every girl deserves to be loved for who they are. 

i should stop sparing thoughts for people who doesn't know how to cherish me.
why am i thinking that i'm not worth the fight and blah blah blah again? 

went back to the same old place last night. 
it feels good to be back! 
seeing familiar faces and fantastic music! 

hadn't been getting drunk lately. 
(which is something new.)
took care of the lil drunkards yesterday. 
parteh-ing hard and seeing them enjoying themselves. 
not forgetting Kin's shoe flew down from the second floor VIP, 
people standing side by side in a row and dancing together with Billy, 
drinking like there is no tomorrow and...
throwing ice at one another! 

this is what i call having fun at club! (: 

just recovered from the 3days of high fever. 
seriously, no joke. 
no appetite and you'll just feel like sleeping. 
thank you to those who cared and showed concern. 
appreciate it! <3

year 1 sem 2; 
all i can say for now is,
it's gonna be tough but i'm gonna work hard yooooooooo! 
dear classmates, please be nice...

you think you know me.

Peggy Lim
Republic Polytechnic;
Customer Relationship & Service Management

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