Monday, February 20, 2012
3 More Days. @ 12:08 PM

Baby, you light up my world like nobody else ~

Back to Monday ~ 
Accounting paper at 2pm; I'll leave it to fate.
Apparently, from the minute I got up till now, things hadn't been smooth.
So yea, I'll be expecting the worst.

Been kinda hardworking uh.
Staying over at J's crib every night and going home in the morning when he goes to work.
Once again, a boyfriend that loves to game. 
What's with Dota seriously?! Is it that interesting?! 
Tend to get a little jealous over the fact that J is spending more time on Dota than on me. 
I know it's stupid to feel that way but.. CANT HELP IT!

Got myself damn into We Got Married.
Lee-Teuk & Kang Sora. 
They are indeed the sweetest couple! 
But I can't deny that J has his sweet side as well.
An almost perfect boyfriend; What's more can I ask for? 

Baby Sora.

This little devil that both J and I never fails to carry her everyday when we got home.
p/s: Her cheek is chubbier than mine!


3 more days (including today) and I'll officially complete year 1!
  I'll probably be retaking Business Statistic if I don't pass my UT3.
*praying hard*
12.05pm - Time to wash up and head to school.
People, you won't be able to reach me today cause i left my phone at J's place.

kthxbye ~

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