Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! @ 5:47 PM

I got my Valentine. What about you?

To those that are attached, Happy Valentine's Day! 
To the singles, It's A Tuesday!

A day whereby town will be filled with girls carrying bouquet of flowers.
I won't be one of them (I guess.) cause I've got mine on Saturday.

  Tadahhhhh ~ 

I'm loving every single one of it and of course, 
the boy who got me this. 
Actually, it's not about the amount of gifts he got for me, 
but the tiny weeny effort he put in!
Together with one of his guy friend, he went to shop for all the above without me knowing.

We were supposed to head down to St James Powerhouse that night to celebrate a birthday.
We could have met at the MRT station but he insisted to meet me at my place. 
So yeap, he surprised me the lovely gifts right at my door steps. 
To be honest, I really did not expect he would get me anything. 
Whatever it is, Thank You J.

I don't know if he did let his previous girlfriend listen to the song below, 
but i was really touched when he played the music while we were listening to music through his phone.
songs really explain a lot.


I don't care what others are going to comment about my relationship,
I know what I am doing.
I'm really glad the previous one ended and I found someone so much better.
Okay, at least one that loves me more.


Hey Clumsy, I don't know if you will read my blog.
Thank you for being a part of me.
Can't help but to smile whenever I think about the things we've done.
Magic hand, dancing out of nowhere and our heart to heart talks.
I really appreciate all the things you've done for me.
iloveyou J.

you think you know me.

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