Saturday, February 11, 2012
Hello February 2012! @ 6:21 PM


2011 was not very good to me i guess. 
But things gradually turned for the better from February onwards! 
Indeed, i'm loving the life i am having right now.
Again, Thank You to those who accompanied me through all the ups and downs.
Peggy will learn to be strong! (:

Whatever i am going to say next is not targeted to anyone. Peace Out.

School; as usual.
Too many politic issues and of course, people wearing masks all around. 
It's really disgusting.
Why can't they just be a little straightforward and truthful?
If you don't like this person, then DON'T get close to them!
Stop being ' oh so nice ' when you're with them 
and get so busy with stabbing them from the back when they are not around. 
One word for you people: FAKE.

So, this is what you should do if you're in RP...

You'll never know who is real and who is fake. 
They appeared as angels to me and yet i found out otherwise. 

tonight's plan : St James Powerhouse for ZhiYang's Birthday! 
that's all for today folks! 
p/s: like my new blog layout!?

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